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SanFranciscoZionist7/17/2011 8:01:08 pm PDT

re: #234 Naso Tang

Wasn’t there a 911 clip here or somewhere recently on this. A cop (yes!) and his wife overdid the brownies and thought they were dying. So he called 911.

Yes, lost his job too.

That’s OD in my book.

(Of course there was a time, long long ago, when I could have OD’ by floating out the window into the street, if I hadn’t had enough sense to hold firmly onto the mattress for the rest of the night).

The paranoia seems to hit some people. My husband tells a side-splitting story of being called over to a friend’s house in high school because friend and his girlfriend had gotten high and then paranoid, and then hidden in the closet, and then called him (because, I suppose, he could deal effectively with the FBI agents supposedly surrounding the house).