Pamela Geller Lashes Out: 'The Little Green Shew'

Alexzander7/23/2011 3:31:40 pm PDT

From section 3.16 of his manifesto:

The PCCTS, Knights Templar serve as an independent pan-European Military and Criminal Tribunal in the current Western European civil war. We have come to the conclusion that the democratical struggle to save Europe has been lost. Our purpose and goal is to defeat the cultural Marxist/Multiculturalist Alliance of Europe, seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda.

PCCTS activities will continue in all three phases of the European civil war until our objectives have been completed.

- Phase 1 – 1999-2030
- Phase 2 – 2030-2070
- Phase 3 – 2070-2083