The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper Braves a Trump-Loving Boat Parade [VIDEO]

Sherlock Hound8/05/2020 6:33:44 pm PDT

re: #235 Anymouse 🌹🏡😷

I just had a deli ham and Swiss cheese sandwich. Both items were purchased from my local butcher. Whole wheat bread from the general store.

I had no idea what Bruchetta was, so I looked it up.

Balsamic vinegar? We get the cheap stuff, and vinegar doesn’t belong on a sandwich. Might as well be pineapple. /s

Bruschetta is just chopped tomatoes with spices and a little. Good on bread. The prepared bruschetta I buy doesn’t have THAT much vinegar! It’s also nominally prices.
I buy that, and bread dipping oil, every so often.