Ted Cruz Says Anti-Vaccination Parents Have a "Religious" Right to Put Children at Risk

The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge2/03/2015 3:14:51 pm PST

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W is both a recovering coke addict and alcoholic. Good for him for getting his life together but I can’t imagine the same Republicans and right wingers who forgave that in him doing that to a Democrat. But yeah if/when we legalize pot nationwide, I wouldn’t begrudge any president who lights one up. Hey stressful job. I do think Obama’s been the most straightforward of any presidential nominee I’ve ever seen on the issue.

The reason ODS is getting even more frenzied, instead of gradually declining, is that they can’t get any dirt on him. What little there is he’s been completely up-front about, and there just isn’t any more. It’s driving them absolutely rabid. And he persists in being blah!!!!