VIDEO: A Surprising Development for Once: Mitt Romney Says He'll Vote to Convict Trump

Chrysicat2/05/2020 1:35:39 pm PST

Haven’t checked either Twitter or the news to confirm it yet, but one of my friends says she’ll never log in again because her TL would be flooded with Bernie-or-Bust leftists.

In particular, one of the folks she’d thought was balanced; just a few minutes ago RT’d a tweet that recapped that the DNC is assuming direct oversight of vote tabulation in all remaining primaries and caucuses because of the disaster in Iowa, and added a photo-meme captioned “holy shit, they’re actually rigging it”.

Which incidentally means that we’ll lose even more Sandernista votes by nominating anyone who isn’t Bernie this year than in ‘16, while I still remain convinced he’ll pull a McGovern if he is nominated due the the justified fear that since the majority of his supporters are Leninists, he might be one.

I just want to die now…