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Jay C9/10/2020 10:03:19 am PDT

re: #238 dangerman

simple question, mike.
how did he shut the entire american economy down?
give us specific actions and citations with dates

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He can’t.
None of them can, because this assertion is just gaslighting bullshit in a desperate attempt to rewrite history (kinda hard when it’s only a few months ago) to make Trump look good, and deflect attention from his catastrophic failures in dealing with this pandemic.
Yeah, I know 2020 has been one of those historical bitches of a year, but I can certainly recall March - I live in NYC, and it was definitely “shut down” due to the pandemic - but I also recall Trump (and most Republicans) generally dismissing the severity of the virus, blithely assuming that it was mainly/only an “urban” issue, and - most notably - trying to AVOID calling for “a shutdown of the economy” (which they still, really haven’t).