New From Seth Meyers: Washington Reacts to the Mueller Report [VIDEO]

Dangerman (misuser of the sarc tag)4/19/2019 7:41:48 am PDT

re: #165 Chrysicat

Oh, good Lord. He’s going to threaten to fire Barr unless he brings capital cases against the entire investigative team for “attempting to overthrow the President”, isn’t he?

barr’s job is done. he’s no longer the center of attention. yesterday it was all eyes and ears on him.

now it’s all about congress and a yet to be named federal judge

today, barr is a coffee boy.

- he may or may not stick around being
- trump’s gonna be pissed because he didnt accomplish (very well) what he was hired for
- he lied pretty good and documented it. he could be in some trouble
- while it’s early days in his new ‘career’, he may quickly realize he had enough already