Robert Spencer and the Extremists

Throbert McGee9/09/2009 1:39:27 pm PDT

re: #161 Sharmuta

Yeah- it tells me you don’t give a shit about enabling fascist sympathizers, Mr. Chamberlain.

What’s your threshold for “enabling,” Sharmuta? If Brian has a history of actively engaged in apologetics for Spencer, then I suppose that would pass MY threshold for “enabling” — but if merely having a permanent blog link to Spencer’s site makes Brian an “enabler” to you, then your threshold is probably set too low.

P.S. And I believe that Brian’s reference to Chamberlain was meant to be self-deprecating — in which case it’s tacky and lazy of you to use it as an attack against him.

P.P.S. But Brian, please don’t think I’m thrilled to take your side (a little) — your attempt to accuse Charles of Christian-baiting was bloody pafe’ic.