New From Seth Meyers: Trump's Deranged Post-Impeachment Press Conference [VIDEO]

BeachDem2/07/2020 9:10:18 am PST

re: #220 Citizen K

I mean…in her case, it wasn’t just that she didn’t get as much attention, but all the attention she was given was almost wholly negative based on shit that the three white men in question aren’t getting nearly enough shit for despite, you know, actually crafting/voting on said laws, rather than being tasked with enforcement of something already drafted.

I got to meet Kamala twice before they ran her out of town. Once at a meet and greet at a small restaurant and once at a rally followed by a meet and greet photo session.

She was charming, engaging, smart—answered questions candidly and sincerely, came across as genuine. She really listened to what people said and responded to their concerns. I’m disappointed that she got really short shrift, as she was my #1 choice.

Yes, I’ll support whoever is the Dem candidate, but I’m now putting more time, money and effort into local candidates and, of course, Jaime Harrison’s bid to unseat Lindsey Graham.