A Gorgeous Performance of Chet Atkins' Classic "Smokey Mountain Lullaby" by Tommy Emmanuel [VIDEO]

Backwoods_Sleuth6/22/2019 1:05:12 pm PDT

oh boy

Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company (“Ford”) over reports of faulty water pumps causing engine failure. The complaint alleges that, beginning in 2007 and continuing through the present, Ford has equipped millions of vehicles sold under the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brand names with the Ford Cyclone Engine, also known as the Duratec engine. Unbeknownst to purchasers and lessees of these vehicles, the Ford Cyclone Engine contains a defect in design, manufacturing, materials and/or workmanship that causes the water pump to suddenly and prematurely fail—before the end of the useful life of the engine—and can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Problem is that the water pumps are INSIDE the engine…
list of affected vehicles at: