The Bob Cesca Podcast: Nation of Suckers

Hecuba's daughter11/27/2019 8:34:56 am PST

re: #164 lawhawk

American men - primarily white guys - think they are empowered and gain power so long as Trump stays in office. They think that anyone who isn’t white or a man in the WH will somehow diminish their civil rights or power.

It’s the perception that they lose power if someone else is wielding it from the WH is what this is about, and the GOP is built around this notion of regressive/reactionary know nothingism.

The GOP capitalizes on people thinking that if tax cuts for millionaires happens, these lower and middle class white guys somehow see a benefit. The cruel reality is that they don’t. It never seems to trickle down, and the rich get richer.

Tax cuts are easier sell than tax hikes, even among the fiscal hawk types - because they’ll first demand spending cuts (which again hurts these white guys, even if they don’t realize it).

On Monday, my Trumpster friend was ranting about traditional values — I didn’t want to get into that conversation but somehow he thinks that the thrice married man, who has clearly been unfaithful to all his wives, and who has no knowledge or concern about religion, is a model of rectitude. Of course, it really comes down to the fact that Trump is providing religious fanatics with everything they want in terms of judges and attacks on atheists and the LGBTQ community — that G-d is using a flawed vessel to implement “his” will.