Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

Charles Johnson4/22/2009 10:38:08 am PDT

re: #243 solicitr

Gosh, Charles, that’s almost an ad hominem.

I repeat: Obama did not order the pirates killed; he ordered the contrary. The “imminent danger” rule is part of the Standing Orders which long, long predates the Obama Admin. Commander Castellano took the initiative, notwithstanding Obama’s desire for a “peaceful resolution.” End of story.

Obama FAILED to order the Navy to engage and destroy. That to my mind is a FAILURE of leadership.

(BTW, why “lies?” What I wrote was
“Charles, it might not be a bad idea to say the same things with less—- er, heated rhetoric,”
and then pointed out, accurately to the best of my knowledge, that the Luton organizers told the BNP to stay away. I’ve still seen no affirmative evidence that the BNP or NF had anything to do with it.

Yes, you have. I posted the link where you could easily find the “affirmative evidence” you’re denying exists.

Have you ever asked Geller to use “less heated rhetoric,” by the way?

And meanwhile, you just keep repeating debunked lies about the Somalia rescue operation.