Right Wing Troll Chuck C. Johnson Pleased at Colorado Planned Parenthood Attack

Pawn of the Oppressor11/27/2015 11:58:19 pm PST

re: #179 CuriousLurker

Came to drop off some hard facts because of the current hysteria over terrorism and the way the wingnuts always bring up jihadists. You may find some of the results surprising—I know I did. I’ve placed the page number where the data can be found in the PDF of the report after each ellipsis in the square brackets. Data focus is on 2014 and emphasis is in the original:

Additional reports can be found on this page.

Also, this little tidbit provided in a report over at the State Department made my eyes bug out. It’s in the section called “Incidents of Terrorism Worldwide” (immediately following Table 1):

2,727—almost as many we lost on 9/11, and it’s happening every month. Try to wrap your head around that.

Okay, now I’ve depressed myself, so I’m gonna go look for something happy to read or watch. G’nite, lizards.

Wow. That ought to be a page… Or a front page. Or shared. Or whatever the kids do these days to spread something?? I dunno, I’m kind of cross-post illiterate. :)