Robert Spencer and the Extremists

What, me worry?9/09/2009 1:40:09 pm PDT

re: #211 Occasional Reader

Much as I hate to even partially agree with “snapped shot” on anything, I do think that at least some (not all) Congressional Dems climbed on board the “more body armor!” and “more uparmormed Humvees!” bandwagon essentially because they saw it as a means to bash Bush. Their newly-discovered love of “the troops” and “getting the best equipment for them” was wildly out of synch with their past voting records, in many cases.

That’s right and they all hate Israel too, right?

The Right consistently makes this crap up, pulling it from nowhere. If you look at the Congressional voting records of Democrats, approx. 95% support any vote concerning Israel.

How in the world can voting for body armor “bash Bush”?