Meet the Leaders of the Anti-Mosque Movement

Mad Prophet Ludwig8/10/2010 4:05:21 pm PDT

re: #239 SinisterBen

I think most of us can look at people like that and say: “Oh look, a bigot.”
Not: “Oh look, a Jew.” At least I hope that is the situation.

I would hope so too.

If you ever take up wearing a keepah after you were not brought up doing so, you notice though that sometimes subtly and others more overtly, when you mess up, it is no longer just you as an individual messing up. There is always some of “that Jew” messed up.

And no, not everyone gives that vibe, but it is ubiquitous.

I used to reflect that this may be the real purpose of wearing a keepah. It forces a certain level of consciousness in one’s actions.

I have a tendency, which I have I believe gotten better with to vent at extremely stupid or arrogant posters here.

My beloved Miss S, simply remarked once that I could write so harshly because no one could see my keepah through the computer screen.

Women are like that sometimes. They get you dead to rights.