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Targetpractice5/12/2019 9:32:19 am PDT

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What annoyed me about Pete Buttigieg was he was here in Omaha praising Mike Pence as a fundamentally good man.

Nope. Pence would have Buttigieg thrown in jail if he could do it.

Pete Buttigieg called Mike Pence a ‘super-nice guy.’ Where’s the outrage? (Goes to LGBTQ Nation)

They note when Biden did that, he got pilloried, so why did Buttigieg get a pass?

I’m gonna take a guess that, by this point, nobody really sees Buttigieg as a serious contender. Or at least don’t believe he’s gonna last long now that Biden has actually entered the race. Plus Biden was seen as the heir apparent to the Obama legacy, while most have written Buttigieg off for his repeated appeals to Trump voters.