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FormerDirtDart 🍕🐀 No Capt'n😷Trips2/08/2020 6:58:01 pm PST

re: #243 Belafon

“In interviews, volunteers said they received little information at the training beyond a rough outline of how the tool is supposed to function. They also were unsure how the party plans to carry out its four-day early voting period”

I’m a bit torn on this. It seems a little late to be rolling some of this out, but it’s not like there’s a lot of “let’s get together and practice voting” that goes on in this country. But the truly annoying thing to me is did Democrats become suddenly technologically incompetent when the year rolled around? I’m not just talking about the deployment, I’m also talking about the users suddenly not being able to operate something more complicated than a pair of dice.

All the technology required to run an effective caucus