Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

Lee Coller4/22/2009 10:43:47 am PDT

re: #244 Adrenalyn

from the article
“President Obama dispatched two separate teams of Navy commandos to carry out last week’s rescue of a merchant ship captain held hostage by Somali pirates but left the operational details and rules of engagement to military commanders, National Security Adviser James. L. Jones said Tuesday.”

so we’re now believe the 0bama administration ?

reality check on all aisles !

/not to say I don’t believe it
but come on, this is coming from team “Anti-America”
fresh from an around the world apology orgy

I’ll believe a named source from the Obama adminstration before I believe anonymous sources quoted two times removed anytime.

We now have another category of breakdown, Nirther Breakdown, Creationist Breakdown, Obama ordered the Seals to Stand Down breakdown. What’s next?