Saturday Afternoon Open

Guanxi884/25/2009 3:29:20 pm PDT

re: #241 debutaunt

Uh huh - you cocaine addicts are always making stuff up.

It’s what I feel like; gotta do it on the sly, just so people don’t see me sniffing some powder. Gave me a nice little snuff bottle (agate, not jade, but still nice) with a stopper and attached spoon. Two little piles, one up each nostril, every 4 or 5 hours.

First time I did it, I hacked, sneezed, coughed. Doctor said, “Do you taste anything?” Yes, it tastes like dirt and honey.

“Okay, you sniffed too hard. You want it to go up there and stay, not go down the back of your throat.”