Twitter "Verifies" Charlottesville Nazi Rally Organizer Jason Kessler

Anymouse 🌹🎃11/08/2017 8:29:35 pm PST

re: #236 HappyWarrior

You know, I always wondered about that Re: Judas. The whole story is that Christ was meant to be crucified. So why would Judas be one of the most loathesome people if he was doing something that simply was meant to be. I’ve never gotten that.

It’s similar to the Exodus story of Pharaoh. The idea was that the Jewish people were enslaved by Egypt, and Pharaoh specifically had his heart hardened by God so that he would not let the Jewish people go from slavery to Egypt. (We’ll skip the part of no evidence for any of that.)

Pharaoh thus was playing a part in God’s plan for the Jewish people (and the slaughter of the Egyptian first born and Pharoah’s free will). The Pharaoh was a crucial part of the Exodus story and God’s plan, but he is vilified for doing something he had no choice in (as God hardened his heart).