Amazing Acoustic Guitar Solo Jam of the Night: R.D. King, "Thrum"

ObserverArt4/20/2019 11:52:18 am PDT

re: #239 Eventual Carrion

Wasn’t it John Bonner that bragged about sweeping floors at his dad or grandpa bar? Gave him work ethic or some such, showed how he pulled himself up by his bootstraps. But the mental midgets latch onto this bartender thing like it proves she is a low life or something, unfit for the position she holds. Fucking hypocritical mental midgets.

And here I thought the real Democratic party is the party of bartenders.

Brian J. may not realize it, but his thinking is very similar to some of the Berners. It is his own form of purity.

Me, I just want to help make Trump gone and get control of all of congress, then we can talk about what the party is.