Overnight Open Thread

Jim in Virginia2/04/2009 3:31:50 am PST

Rant # 2: We must be in Bizarro world. The Beltway insiders and pundits are defending Tom Bleeping Dasche. “He’s smart and evenhanded and he’d be a valuable policy advisor.. he made a simple mistake but he paid up… maybe we should reform the tax code if it so complicated that Daschle and Geithner can’t understand it… …………….”
1. He didn’t report over $100,000 in income. He knew about it last August. He didn’t pay up up until he was nominated to the Cabinet.
2. He left the Senate and made hundreds of thousands of dollars working for a health care company. They didn’t pay him for his management expertise, they paid him for his access. He was a lobbyist for a special interest in Health Care. So Obama wanted him to be Secretary of Health and Human Services.

I’m sure he’d be a valuable policy advisor.
OK, rants over. (Successfully resisted the urge to type in bold and all caps….)

How is everyone today?