Colbert: Roger Stone Is a Very Weird Guy [VIDEO]

KGxvi1/29/2019 12:04:23 pm PST

re: #15 ObserverArt

Very interesting choice. I can’t remember any time where the response was given by a politician that isn’t currently in an elected national political seat.

I look forward to what she has to say. I have a feeling it is going to be good as why else would they pick her. And that is not a criticism of any kind, I think she must have something powerful to state and maybe the Democrats are helping her and others like her in elections in the future.

According to wikipedia, if you count non-SOTU address, Trump’s speech in 2017 had Beshear give the response in English and Astrid Silva give it in Spanish (Ms. Silva is an activist and a Dreamer). But actual SOTU responses are always governors or members of Congress.