Biden's $700 Billion Economic Plan, in 4 Minutes

stpaulbear7/11/2020 10:30:01 am PDT

re: #19 Welcome to The Imbleachment (dangerman)

President Trump has said he learned lessons from President Richard M. Nixon’s fall from grace, but in using the power of his office to keep his friend and adviser Roger J. Stone Jr. out of prison he has now crossed a line that even Mr. Nixon in the depths of Watergate dared not cross,” the New York Times reports.

“For months, some of Mr. Trump’s senior White House advisers warned him that it would be politically self-destructive if not ethically inappropriate to use his clemency power to help Mr. Stone, who was convicted of lying to protect the president. But in casting aside their counsel on Friday, Mr. Trump indulged his own sense of grievance over precedent and restraint to reward an ally for his silence.

(Bringing this forward from dead thread)

Roger Stone goes home with a huge smile on his face (which was plastered all over the media for Trump to feel envious about), while Trump is still stuck with all of ‘his’ problems and will still have to worry about how Roger Stone knows almost everything about all his corruption. Will Stone stay quiet? Trump doesn’t really get a thing out of this except the risk of future blackmail or exposure if Stone gets unhappy, and Stone is probably too smart to stand near windows.