Adam, Eve, Human Genetics, and the Collapse of a Fundamentalist Worldview

William Lewis6/03/2011 7:27:30 am PDT

The more I have to deal with them the more convinced I am that many forms that Fundamentalism takes are not, in fact Christian, but rather pre-Christian paganism with Christian names on the mythology. This is different from, say, when the early Christians repurposed Saturnalia as Christmas (one glance at the tale of shepherds watching over the lambs will tell you that wasn’t December!) but rather a wholesale abandonment of those things that make Christianity a viable faith to be replaced with magical thinking. The synthesis of Greek philosophy and Jewish philosophy that represents something very alien to a Fundamentalism that fears change and uncertainty above all else. True faith requires constant change, constant growth, constant uncertainty that what you are doing is what God wants and that you can only come to conclusions carefully and within that growth and change.

It’s not really relevant, to me, if these people can’t handle the idea that Genesis creation stories were written as metaphors to help people learn and grow; that it is Truth rather than literally true.