Romney's New Video Pulled From YouTube for Copyright Violation

b_sharp7/16/2012 7:18:28 pm PDT

re: #12 rwmofo

Here’s an interesting article which reflects the consequences of left-wing policy.

The media/democrat party are predictable in trying to convince the uninformed that it’s good for society somehow when the most productive elements of society are punished.

This story won’t get a lot of traction here though since it doesn’t fit the MSM template.

And the advantage of having rich people who bolt at the first hint of having to pay their way instead of letting all the little people do the heavy lifting is what? And please don’t say jobs, because the existence of rich people is no guarantee new jobs will be created. Demand is what creates new jobs, and it isn’t the rich who create demand, it’s the people who have to spend everything they make just to survive that do.