So Good: Bon Iver's Full Concert at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works

ObserverArt12/31/2016 10:13:34 am PST

re: #240 Targetpractice

Yeah, this is Bernie’s biggest problem: He’s tone deaf. The people just elected the living embodiment of crony capitalism and yet Bernie’s out there, insisting that people will vote against such people.

re: #241 Skip Intro

Apparently they don’t Bern. Did you notice who won the election yet?

I wish someone would ask Bernie to explain that very point. I have a feeling he would be as shifty-eyed as he was dancing around the definition of political correctness with Chris Hayes in that Wisconsin Town Hall show. And as totally and stunningly wrong.

And Bernie didn’t even seem to notice how the entire room full of people were just flat silent. Yeah…tone deaf displayed large.