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Sherlock Hound10/18/2020 9:05:13 am PDT

re: #244 🌹UOJB!

I remember how the IOC screwed Jim Thorpe out of his medals and Pennsylvania Democrats stood up in the legislature and demanded an apology and finally got it from those assholes in 1984 when they restored his medals. Too little and too late from those assholes and that’s why I believe the whole Olympic scam is just a joke.

You want more dirt? Juan Antonio Samaranch, IOC president at one point, was a straight-up crony with Franco. And another IOC guy, Avery Brundage, was a Nazi sympathizer.

I will never give Mitt Romney the time of day for anything, but I believe everything he said about the IOC when he was involved in the Salt Lake City Games.