New From Seth Meyers: Sarah Sanders Says Congress Is Not "Smart Enough" to Deal With Trump's Tax Returns

Hecuba's daughter4/16/2019 10:08:30 am PDT

re: #242 HappyWarrior

He’s nothing but a gangster. Just listen to him.

So true

When we were talking to our Trumpster brother recently, I told him that I decided that my nickname Donald Chamberlain was unfair to Chamberlain, so it has been changed to Donald Quisling. My brother objected and proposed Donald Gotti. For some reason, my brother has no problems with a Mafia don being in charge of this nation. It was only when I then suggested that Putin was then the boss of bosses, my brother took umbrage because he asserted that there was no such position — each boss ran his own territory and did not report to someone higher. He seems fond of the notion that nations are run by gangsters.

Maybe the whole capitalistic system has degenerated with company executives being no more than well-spoken educated thugs. Certainly the Sackler family fits that model.