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HappyWarrior5/07/2019 5:34:27 pm PDT

re: #241 Teddy’s Person

I was there about 10 years before you and Jack Censer was the chair then. I didn’t realize he was chair that long. My degree is in American history with a minor in European history. So, I mostly know the Americanists. I can’t remember the names of the professors in the handful of European classes I took. I took a class about Weimar Germany that I quite liked. I remember Rex Wade from just being around the deparment.

Could it have been Professor Mark Stoneman for the Weimar class? He didn’t particularly stand out as a great professor but I did like how he gave us access to WWI letters from before and after the Summer of 1914 to compare how the mindsets changed. But yeah Professor Wade has been around for a long time. I really liked him because he was very accessible. He enjoyed my History 499 paper which I wrote on the Pogroms from the assassinations of Alexander II to the start of WWI. That by far was the longest paper I ever wrote but not the hardest because I kept at it every night of my final semester. I forgot to mention but I also took a class wit ha Professor Hamdani on the Middle East but most of my non-European professors were younger. They’re still there though. My absolute favorite class though was Eastern European Nationalism 1914-1945. I forget my instructor’s name but he was a younger guy who had done his graduate work in Dubrovnik in Croatia and given my family ties to the Balkans, I really liked talking to him about Yugoslavia. It was really that class that first got me fascinated about the little differences that exist within ideological movements especially extreme ones like Communism and Fascism.