Oscar-Winning Short Film (Full): "Hair Love"

Hecuba's daughter2/10/2020 9:40:34 am PST

re: #247 BigPapa

Incumbent presidents with solid polling and no viable contenders don’t politik in primaries. They don’t need to.

Trump doing it is desperation. As with everything else Trump they will attempt to flip the narrative and turn every negative into a positive, proof of Trump’s magnificent galaxian awesomer wonderfulbility.

It’s not desperation. He’s following Hitler’s playbook — he wants an army of supporters who will be behind him and his family when they set up camps for residents living here and not just those on the border. He’s conducted Nuremberg rallies throughout his Presidency. Throughout his life he worked at gaining publicity; now he has center stage full-time because of his position and he will never willingly relinquish it. He’s a narcissist and this feeds his disorder.