Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

allanhateme4/22/2009 10:46:05 am PDT

Thanks for bringing clarity, integrity and dignity to the conservative movement Charles. Boxy_brown’s analysis is completely wrong. And I guarantee that Bush would have handled the situation the same way. The ultimate goal had to be the SAFE return of the Captain. From all accounts, 0bama gave the Navy commanders on the scene wide latitude in accomplishing that goal. Attacking 4 armed men, in a tiny, enclosed space was never an option. It’s called patience. You use it when you are hunting. As for when the Captain jumped out of the boat, the SEALs were not on scene, the crew of the Bainbridge were caught off guard and were much further from the Captain than the pirates. Real life is not 24. And it’s not Rambo. You know, it’s this kind of idiocy that is killing the GOP. I’m sick of it. Half of the GOP is morphing into the same looney, raving shit-brains that mindlessly bashed Bush for 8 years. Good job. You have become what you claimed to detest. I’ll gladly critize 0bama for his moronic economic policies and his naive and dangerous foreign policies, but there is NOTHING to fault in his handling of this incident. NOTHING! Stop it. Stop the ODS. Seek help.