Fed Survey: The Economy is Mending

zuckerlilly9/09/2009 1:22:07 pm PDT

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Thanks for the correction. I love Tel-Aviv because I’m a big fan of Bauhaus and when I tell people about it having the largest amount of building’s in that style their rather amazed. I guess some who have never been to Israel imagine they ride camels on Dizengoof street.

Sorry to say, but a lot of the Bauhaus buildings are in bad condition. There has to be done a lot of work to renovate them.

Didn’t see a single camel at Dizengoff but many motorcycles ;-) TA is a very expensive city so many people have no other choice as to live in hostels and to sleep there in dormitories in their own country. And you will see young and elderly people sleeping at the sidewalks or between houses. I suppose the youngsters have drug problems.

I’ve heard that there are tensions between Arabs and Jews in Yafo because Jews buy their houses and renovate them.