Scott Mulvahill: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

ObserverArt2/26/2019 9:57:57 am PST

re: #212 dangerman-call me sandy, not a drink named Steve

disgraced felon michael cohen, etc….

at this point, *anything* he says, they’ve probably already got dox and receipts
he’s not making stuff up out of whole cloth (like somebody he used to work for)

I kinda like the fact that Sarah thinks she can get America to believe Cohen lied on his own and someone like Trump would never condone Cohen’s lying and other crimes.

Sure that will work on the die-hard Trump suckers.

But over half of America has already figured out Trump is a pathological liar and he hired Cohen to lie for him and to cover up those crimes.

Sarah is just adding to the stink of the garbage pile that is the Trump White House. And it gets smellier as the weather and Washington DC warms.