Onion: Financial Expert Offers Obsessive Recession Tips

_RememberTonyC10/16/2009 6:05:31 pm PDT

re: #241 HoosierHoops

I don’t like Ron.. NY street thug..I’ll give him props..
That man can play serious defense..He is relentless..He is a stud off the ball..
In person..I have seen few that can match his intensity on the court..
Celtics need to improve defense to beat them this year.. If KG is healthy we have a chance..
/You heard the story of Artist walking into the shower naked to talk to Kobe about winning a world championship right?
This guy ain’t right…We have no idea of the intensity these guys operate at..
This isn’t play school…They play to win..
/Our only hope is if that they run out of H1N1 vaccines for the Lakers during the playoffs.

Artest is mentally ill … I am totally serious. You’ll not see this on TV, but he is bipolar and takes medication. When they had the brawl a few years ago in Detroit, Crazy Ron was off his meds because he said they made him sluggish. He has been monitored more closely in the recent past, and while he is still super intense, he is taking his medication. Truly a scary dude. Boston and LA will meet in the Finals. KG and perkins looked great the other night when I saw them in hartford. ‘Sheed is a great “get’ for them. Celts will pace themselves in the regular season and win 55-57 games, which should get them #2 in the east.