Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

cantankerouscamel3/24/2010 1:43:55 pm PDT

who cares? So Israel suffers a telling off from an impotent former power in return for knocking off a senior terrorist who is at the very heart of instability in the region, an importer of rockets into Gaza. If it wasn’t for scum like him there wouldn’t have been Cast Lead and civilians wouldn’t have died. Diplomatic consequences are insignificant in light of that.

And let’s not forget that Britain is, by this action, essentially hindering the fight against extremists, terrorists and the worst rejectionists in the region. The British Foreign Office should have been offering British passports to the Mossad to help them knock this guy off. If the world wants peace in the Mid East, it’s in everyones interests to get rid of terrorists who import weapons whose sole purpose is to kill civilians and sow terror. Shame on Britain for not standing up for the forces of good.