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Birth Control Works7/17/2011 8:06:25 pm PDT

re: #244 Slumbering Behemoth

She could be like me. I have a very high resistance to that kind of pain medication, and doses that would otherwise make normal people completely wonky, produces no buzz for me at all.

If one doesn’t work, maybe two will … . .

I’ve built up a resistance. Two is the minimum if I need pain relief. If I’ve had surgery, I get the prescription filled for 4 pills. Two so I can sleep that night and Two so I can sleep the next night. I can’t sleep while in pain and I won’t heal if I can’t sleep.

During the Day I do regular Tylenol and if I’m still in too much pain on the 3rd day, something is wrong and I call the doctor.

Don’t want it in my house AT ALL.