Stephen Colbert's Debate Wrap-Up Hits All the Points [VIDEO]

Mattand1/15/2020 4:06:38 pm PST

re: #228 Jay C

SO: OT computer question:

I made the mistake this afternoon of trying to “improve the performance” of my old (c. 7-yo) notebook (WIndows 7 Pro) by downloading AVG Tune-Up, which prompted a restart notice in one of its “cleanup functions”. That was about an hour an, and in said reboot, it spwent about 40 minutes in “update” mode, and has now gotten apparently frozen in the start cycle where it says :

Configuring Windows updates
100% complete
Do not turn off your computer

Which it has been doing for about 25 minutes now.

Dare I push it (i.e. force-kill the power)? Or am I more likely to mess it up even further.
AVG, unsurprisingly, were no help. Even less so since I can’t open the program

Mac guy here, but echoing what others have said: if you stay with Windows, get a Win10 machine ASAP. Win7 was end-of-lifed within the last week, making it automatically insecure.