Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson Met With Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Ace Rothstein5/14/2019 4:23:35 pm PDT

So last night at dinner with the Trump-supporting side of the fam, I learned several things.

1. Property taxes are slavery. If you own property and pay property taxes, you are not free.
2. Things were better in the 1800’s when everyone had to fend for themselves.
3. It would be better if we had volunteer fire departments (so we wouldn’t have to pay taxes, of course).
4. You can not be a moral person without God (which God wasn’t specified) in your life. This one got a rise out of me, as I’m atheist and consider myself a “moral person.”
5. When your fence fell down, people would come by and put it back up for you. This again was another swipe at city services.
6. But the best one was my stepfather (who was wearing a polo shirt with the Constitution splattered all over it, and was wearing a USA hat made in China) said “Without this (the Constitution) we are done as nation (he’s never read it, by the way).”

P.S. Also, liberals have mental disorders.