Why I Parted Ways With The Right

Achilles Tang11/30/2009 8:00:21 pm PST

re: #206 rwmofo

There’s a small group from the far-right listed above. I typically agree with about 80-85% of the Republican platform. If I agreed with any more I’d question my sanity. Conversely, I agree with less than 20% of the Democrat platform. So I’m on the right. However, I don’t let a small group of radicals/fanatics/racists influence me just because they’re on the same side of the political spectrum. If Charles Manson said he voted Republican, I wouldn’t refuse to vote. The left has their own baggage as well.

You didn’t sign up here last month, nor in 2004, and you have more than 50 posts, yet you still don’t seem to get it.

This isn’t a percentages game. In fact the whole point is that it is not a percentages game; which is what all the apologists play.

In a nutshell, one does not tolerate a bigot, racists, ignoramus, liar or worse, for the sake of the party.

Have I expressed myself clearly?