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Gus4/25/2009 5:59:18 pm PDT

Der Skin, das unverstandene Wesen

Not a very good translation using Google. Defense of skinheads by Manfred Rouhs:

There are skinheads, big and small, thick and thin, political and apolitical, right and left, SHARPS (skinheads against racial prejudice “) and Nazi-skins, and now also a skinhead unwilling: the CDU general secretary Laurenz Meyer. Significant than the rhetorical gaffe of Jrgen Trittin, Meyer, as it were 20 years younger and made him as a representative of a very lively Jugendkultur ennobled, is the reaction of the political class to, in fact, offered no objective expression.

“Skinhead” is the collective term for racist racket has become. A term that triggers the Pavlovian reflexes, with the police in the arm that swings the stick, and the politicians in the language center, which produces incantations. Obviously, also more or less educated people are not enemies from without. Would it not skinheads in Germany that a ministry should be established, the young man as anlernt Skins - because nobody else would have been longer here, the blame for the failure of the political directive to become multicultural utopia in the shoes could be shelved.

Indeed, the skinhead in normally peaceful, industrious and decent towards everyone, even in tolerant towards other people, which - as Laurenz Meyer - collar and tie in with the area or run - as Jrgen Trittin - their hair beyond the two-millimeter limit to get a grip. He is committed to his country and the working class and has so far cosmopolitan tendencies, as he is more solidarity with the Skins in other countries, as with the tables in their own country, the gape him because he looks different than they are.

That it is also anti-social club with a bald head, is mainly due to the mass media, which have produced a clich, which is spiritually poor nachgelebt. This media clich is in the public Warnehmung entirely on the content for the term “skinhead” has become. In this respect, the current outrage is not the real skinheads. The call for the prosecutor sounds, because Laurenz Meyer Familiar with a ghost has been compared.

“Hui Buh” (the castle ghost with a rusty chain rattle) for adults, the devil out of the box. The absolute evil. - A cult, which surely will not die unless he causes such violent reactions.