Why I Left the Right, John Birch Society at CPAC Edition

BunnyThief1/27/2010 1:14:21 pm PST

re: #252 WindUpBird

This is actually all you have, isn’t it? That one pissed off statement Moulitsas made. It’s totally the equivalent of all the research, all the posts about the rise of paranoid, racist extremists that threaten to become the entrenched base of the GOP. I’m sure everyone that actually works hard to find all this information to bring to you will be overjoyed to learn that it’s all not as significant or interesting to you as one nasty thing Kos said years ago. Your tribalism is showing, friend. You can elevate yourself above the fray and look at what is really going on in the GOP from a strategist perspective, or you can continue to adopt them as your local football team and root for them even when they rot from the inside with vile populism, apocalyptic rhetoric and bigotry.

Let’s start off with comparing the political influence of the Birchers and the Kossacks since 2000. The Kossacks have done a hell of a lot more.

The Kossacks were also the breeding grounds for some of the most vile lies from the last election. I’ll wager that you’re no Sarah Palin fan, but I’d like to think that even you were appalled at the Kossacks cheerfully making up dirt on her and spreading it far and wide — “Palin cut funding to special education students,” “Palin cut funding for pregnant teens,” “Palin isn’t Trig’s birth mother,” “Palin had an affair with her husband’s business partner,” and the like.

No, I don’t have links to them. The Kos Kommunity deletes things when they get too embarrassing, and pretends they never happened. It’s called deniability.

On the other hand, when was the last time the Birchers had more of an influence on things than making people point and laugh at them? I used to read their newsletter at the library purely for giggles. And they say some crazy-funny stuff.

There really isn’t much difference between the Birchers and the Kossacks. The most significant one is that the Kossacks actually wield power and influence in the currently-dominant political party, and the Birchers are considered a joke.