Ann Coulter: RINO, Sodomy Supporter

HoosierHoops8/18/2010 7:30:03 am PDT

re: #243 lawhawk

Newsweek has a list of the most notorious bloggers in America:

I’ve got to confess I haven’t heard of Rose, Wolff, or Arrington (though I have seen Techcrunch from time to time).

Of that list, Breitbart, Sullivan, Malkin, and Kos certainly deserve their place on the list. Breitbart especially at the top of the list.

In the words of Kos - Screw ‘em!

Prez Hilton? LOL at #2…He writes a gossip rag…

Now for best blogger list? Charles for sure…But what about Kelly T. from A smoking hot girl sportswriter that knows more about baseball in her little finger than most guys…Could you imagine sitting next to her at the park eating a frank and drinking a cold beer…
*I think I love this woman*
*I know I love this woman*
Kelly do you think you could explain the infield fly out rule? Again?