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Eclectic Cyborg7/11/2018 10:02:04 am PDT

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That is how it ended up, but it wasn’t supposed to. They were also offering a cheap upgrade on select Samsung phones. I took a Galaxy J3 because that is all I need. I pretty much only need a phone and texting. All it was supposed to do was bump my monthly bill up $6 a month.

As I said earlier, their system was down on the initial upgrade order. The second agent to pick up the order must have added the second line.

The other issue was I was to get an email explaining all the costs. It never came. If I had known what it was going to cost I would have done something else in the time allowed to make changes.

The Retention department, as the name suggests, is there to retain you as a customer. They have to retain x number of customers every day/week/month to stay employed. Cancelling lines doesn’t help them do that.

Also, trying to get a cancellation or return approved outside the 14 day window is like pulling teeth. Once you get past the two weeks, the sales agents lock in their commission and you can suddenly become a lot less important to them.

My experience is the Retention department isn’t very forgiving on the return window.