Stephen Colbert's Debate Wrap-Up Hits All the Points [VIDEO]

William Lewis1/15/2020 4:13:53 pm PST

re: #243 John Hughes

Ok, I know this is too late, but:

1. On Windows: Never use an antivirus other than Microsoft’s one. All “antivirus”
programs are snake oil, at least buy it from the snake breeder.

2. Windows 7 is dead. Dump it. Nothing you can do will make it safe, Microsoft have abandoned it.

3. Windows is inherently insecure. It will always be. Use Linux if you can, or if you’re wedded to some windows program understand that it’s more “convenient” because it’s full of dangerous security shortcuts.

I’ll fully agree with 1 and 3. 2, while true, is one of those things only you can decide. I stayed with XP for a long time after it was out of support before finally jumping all the way to 10 for my personal use of Windows. OTOH, I was prepared to wipe and reinstall at the drop of a hat with my important files stored to DVDs.

Right now Warframe needs windows. That means I stay on 10. Your mileage, will vary.