Why I Left the Right, John Birch Society at CPAC Edition

BunnyThief1/27/2010 1:23:48 pm PST

re: #258 Slumbering Behemoth

Dude, they’re co-sponsors at CPAC. Glenn Beck is pimping their propaganda on Fox News. They are being brought back into the mainstream by some on the right.

“Co-sponsors at CPAC” means they paid money to get a table and a listing in the program. They weren’t sought out; they went to CPAC with a check and, once it cleared, were allowed in.

And the Beck angle is Beck using them, not a sign of their power and influence.

When the Birchers have top GOP leaders flocking to a Bircher-organized national event, or reshaping a single major political race (like Connecticut’s Senate race in 2006), then you MIGHT have something.