Let's Cut Right to the Chase: James O'Keefe Is a Lying Weasel

lawhawk11/28/2017 12:41:36 pm PST

Let’s not forget:
1) O’Keefe entered guilty pleas on trying to access phone lines of then US Senator from Louisiana Mary Landrieu. Misdemeanor charges, probation. (slap on the wrist IMO).

2) O’Keefe sought to get a reporter on board a boat, essentially kidnapping the person, and then use the video to show the reporter in the worst possible light as possible. This should have been prosecuted as conspiracy to kidnap and federal charges should have been forthcoming.

This is who O’Keefe has always been. He’s a grifter, con artist, and a criminal. Millionaires continue backing him because they want his agitprop out there to shape events to their liking.