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KGxvi5/11/2019 11:56:24 am PDT

re: #10 HappyWarrior

She’s got a plan. I admire how well prepared she is. Glad she’s rising.

Part of me thinks she (and the nation as a whole) would be better in the Senate rather than the White House. The presidency, as it has developed in the last century and as the US’s position in the world has developed along with it, isn’t really well suited to a policy wonk. Most of what the president, and the executive branch as a whole, does is manage. Congress should be developing policy, and yes, the president has a say via veto power and who he/she appoints to administrative agencies (who then write regulations to help enforce the law); but a lot of what the president has to deal with is stuff we didn’t expect. Domestically it’s things like natural disasters or man-made disasters (pipelines or oil rigs blowing up), internationally it’s things like a rogue regime testing WMDs, or a government being overthrown.

I like that she’s got a lot of policies, but I wonder how many survive Congress - even with Democratic majorities - and in a way that wouldn’t force her to consider vetoing “her own policies”.