Study: Muslim Extremists Not Looking for World Domination

Elias7/10/2012 5:23:51 pm PDT

re: #25 CuriousLurker

You haven’t answered to my other comment. It’s much easier to attack the person than to actually read and judge the article. Huge crime, he wrote about Terror and Liberalism, that means he must be an awful Islamophobic neocon.
Really, you live in North America which probably isn’t endangered by Islamism. I live in Paris. In Paris, there are regular demonstrations with Hezbollah and Hamas flags. Do you understand that ? Do you understand that, (screw it, I’m saying it) as a Jew, that scares me, or don’t you ? No, I must be an Islamophobic neocon too ?
I’m sorry but I can’t use another word, it’s naivet. It’s a shame that liberals are less eager to denounce the dangers of Islamism, an ideology which goes against every liberal principal.