Drunk History Tells the Strange Story of Willie Hitler [VIDEO]

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)12/02/2019 8:32:04 am PST

re: #256 Targetpractice

Wingnut Repubs love to portray this as a “trial” in which Trump is being denied “due process.” Yet in any criminal court, simply refusing to show up or send representation at all because you’ve got other obligations that fall on the same date as your trial would not earn your any sympathy at all with the court or the jury. Trump should consider himself very lucky that this isn’t a criminal court, else he’d be getting hauled back in cuffs after Nadler issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

I keep on saying this. If you believe Trump is innocent, you really need to take issue with how he is handling his defense. But I guess when your whole ideology is triggering libs you see nothing wrong with Trump acting like a complete fuckup.